Ireland Korfball was established in 2007 by former coach and player Tom Brady, while drinking a pint of Guinness on St Patrick’s Day.

Ireland has seen success on the international korfball stage including at three European Championships and celebrated 10 years in 2017. Making history, Ireland recently qualified for the World Korfball Championships taking place in Durban, South Africa in August 2019.

Korfball has yet to break into Ireland, mainly due to the lack of university clubs playing the sport. We have received numerous enquiries from potential players in Ireland, but without the necessary funding to set-up we have been unable to develop the sport further. The dream is to one day have korfball played in Ireland, but for now the current squad are hugely proud of their Irish heritage allowing them to represent the nation from abroad.

Ireland Korfball Association Committee Details

Chair: Sarah Halpin (contact: ireland@korfball.org)

Deputy Chair: Terry Forde

Secretary: Claire Woodroffe

Treasurer: Niall Sheekey

International Development: Shay Conroy

UK Development: Emma Denton

Social: James Norman

Digital/Social Media: Lizzie Tighe, Sarah Kelly, Amy Freear



Head Coach: Kees Verhoeven

Assistant Coach: Rinaldo Molenaar

Physiotherapist: Aria van Loon

Team Managers: Claire Woodroffe, Nora Goodridge

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